SENSOLAR Magnesium [Active] Oil Spray Sport

SENSOLAR Magnesium [Active] Oil Spray Sport

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  • Cramps & Regeneration
  • Relaxation of the musculature

Easy to use where your body needs it.

  • Description


All liquid magnesium [Active] sprays have a slightly oily consistency, hence the term “magnesium oil”, although in the chemical sense they are not oil. Due to this unique property they are perfect for massages, especially in sports, but also in everyday life.

Ideal for all kinds of sports for the special preparation for a competition, also in the between individual game sections in the breaks or for the faster regeneration of the musculature after the sporty activity.

The transdermal application in combination with an intensive massage allows the magnesium ions to penetrate into the deeper skin layers. Magnesium ions are necessary for a good electrolyte balance in the tissue. With the help of the spray, the muscles can quickly recover and regenerate.

A slight tingling sensation of the skin is completely normal and is an expression of the effect of magnesium. However, the spray must not be applied to open wounds.