SENSOLAR Magnesium [Active] Oil Spray MED

SENSOLAR Magnesium [Active] Oil Spray MED

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CHF 21.90


  • Cramps & Regeneration
  • Relaxation of the musculature

Easy to use where your body needs it.

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The Magnesium [Active] Oil Spray MED provides excellent services for the therapy-accompanying application with tensions and cramps. Cramps often indicate an imbalance of the electrolytes – magnesium and calcium – in the intra- and extracellular space of the musculature. The external, transdermal application of magnesium provides valuable services here, as it can quickly restore balance with the help of magnesium ions. Thus the stressed muscles can regenerate quickly.

A slight tingling sensation of the skin is completely normal and is an expression of the effect of magnesium. However, the spray must not be applied to open wounds.

We have given the equation Magnesium + Edelweiss = thanks to nature a new meaning.