SENSOLAR Magnesium [Activ] Bade Flakes

SENSOLAR Magnesium [Activ] Bade Flakes

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Waited for you for over 250 million years!

Bath additive to relax and feel good. Pure natural product from the Zechstein-Ur-meer. 

Recommended for:

  • Relaxation of the musculature
  • Regeneration after sports performance
  • Caring protection in dry conditions
  • Magnesium deficiency

The bath flakes contain pure magnesium chloride extracted from the depths of the earth without further additives. With a 47% magnesium content. Therefore the Flakes are ideal both for foot, as well as for
Suitable for full body baths.

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The best way is to dissolve the desired amount of magnesium in a little water and then leave just as much
Run water into the bathtub so that the body is just covered. Pay attention to a bath temperature
of about 37°C, so that the magnesium ions can penetrate well into the skin, and take at least
20 minutes to relax.

The skin is wonderfully warmed by the improved blood circulation and the muscles relax. The body
can regenerate quickly again. Therefore, magnesium baths are also recommended after any physical effort and
Sports so popular.

Dry skin also benefits from the magnesium effect when bathing and is gently cared for.
Cold, poorly circulated feet and legs quickly become pleasantly warm with a magnesium bath. After
a footbath, the feet are ideally prepared for a pedicure.
For 50L bath water you should use about 500g of bath flakes.

Please do not use the flakes in electric bathtubs as they can easily corrode.